Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Orq. Riverside - Pedro "Peruchin" Justiz piano, Tito Gomez vocal - 10" LP 1947-'52- Cuba

Orq. Riverside - "Ecos De Cuba"

1. Mambo En España
2. Para Cantar Conmigo
3. Son Tus Celos
4. Rico De Verdad
5. El Rinconcito
6. El Agua Del Pon Pon
España En Llamas
8. Tu Campana No Tiene Badajo

This is a 10" inch LP on Seeco, originally done sometime between 1947 and 1952.
It's very possible that Seeco took these from 78 rpm's
The band at this time was under the direction of Alto saxophonist: 'Pedro Vila',
with 'Pedro "Peruchin" Justiz' on piano... and he takes some really tasty solos.
The bass player is 'Orlando "Cachaito" Lopéz'.
(The son of 'Orestes Lopéz', the nephew of "Cachao"/el sobrino de "Cachao")

What can I say about 'Tito Gomez'.... only that his voice is incredible on this particular LP.
His "sound" on the bolero *"Para Cantar Conmigo" kills!
(Tito had been the lead vocalist since 1942)

On track 1. the drummer plays traps. ("drum set")
& 7. is an orchestral "Cuban jazz" piece with "Peruchin" taking a solo.

I have purposely not "cleaned" this with 'Goldwave V.5', meaning I have left the pops and clicks on this old 10' inch vinyl, so it has that old needle to groove sound.
I have "trimmed" the beginnings and ends of each tune to cut out any empty space before the songs start.
Ripped from original vinyl

Son Tus Celos

Rico De Verdad

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