Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beny Moré 10' inch RCA Victor LP / & live radio interview en Puerto Rico

With Peréz Prados band a 10' inch LP on RCA Victor.

The cover is beautiful! The front cover surface is "tactile", meaning that if you touch the edges of the Palm tree, the Bongoes, the Conga, the Maracas, the Clavé... you can "feel the raised edges" of all of them. Almost kind of "3-D".
And a nice photo of a very young Beny on the back.
Benys voice... SUPERB!'
Prados piano playing and solos..... border on being really "out' there. SWINGING!
(I always think of Prado when he takes a solo as the Cuban 'Thelonious Monk')

These tunes are no longer obscure or rare as they all have been "re-mastered" and "re-issued" on dozens of labels out of Europe, the U.K., Canada, Japan and the U.S.
However..... these are the original tunes "on vinyl", no "re-mastering".

I have not "cleaned" them with 'Goldwave V.5' purposely to leave the sound that you can only get and hear on vinyl. Amazingly, the vinyl was in excellent condition. I have "trimmed" the beginnings and ends so they start cleanly.

 Beny Moré 'radio Util' interview
live/vivo in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.