Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photos N.Y.C. - 1978 - 1982 - 1985

Left to right:
'Howard Levy', *'John Amira' (*Author, Olu Bata, teacher)
*'John Mason' (*Author, Babalao, director of the Yorùbá Theological Arch ministry) and myself.
Front: My father and Haitian master drummer Frisner Augustin.
All of us are holding Chekeré's made by my father.
Photo above taken in 1978.

Central Park Rumberos
Photo above taken in Central Park N.Y.C. 1982
Standing left to right:
'Cecil Carter' holding Chekere. Elio "Yeyito" Flores white hat red shirt. 'John Mason' white hat.
'Eddie Bobé'. 'Nicky'. 'Pablito'. Abraham "Abe" Rodriguez' hat sunglasses holding my dads cigar.
My father on the end holding one his favorite Chekeres he made.. he called it "The Pickle".
Front middle: "Rocky" (R.I.P.) 'Felix Sanabria'. Squating front right: 'Ralph' ("El Unico").

Two photos of my band at the New Orleans Jazz Festival 1985
'Eddie Bobé', myself and my father playing Chekere.

My father playing his favorite "Pickle" Chekere,
New Orleans drummer 'Noel Kendrik' playing Okonkolo Bata,
'Eddie Bobé' playing Iyá Bata and myself playing Itotele Bata.
All Chekeres and Bata drums made by my father.

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CongaDR said...

Very sweet pics, and beautiful chekeres.

Really nice to put a face to the names, Amira, Mason et all.

Keep up the good work!