Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Orq. Kubavana De Carlos Barberia "Ritmo Y Metales" 1958-'59 and "Congas y Comparsas"

The "original" Cuban vinyl LP cover on Panart.

Carlos Barberia

The CD "semi" reissue on the Caney label from Spain.(missing 3 songs from the original LP)
Orq. Kubavana under the direction of the great Cuban arranger 'Carlos Barberia'.
Above is the original LP on the Cuban Panart label titled "Ritmo Y Metales" front and back cover.
The 'Caney' label from Spain reissued it on a remastered CD, but left out 3 songs from the original LP. What they did on the CD was "add" several songs from Carlos Barberia LP.

Killer sessions featuring the arrangements of 'Carlos Barberia' and the best studio session players in Havana at that time. (1958-1959)

Trumpets: Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, Alejandro "El Negro" Vivar, Miguel Hernández.
Trombone: Tomás Hernández.
Saxofones: Wilfrido "Mosquito" Gelaver, Tomas Vazquez, Homero Bentancourt, Geraldo Maldonado, Pedro Ruiz.
Piano: Raul Reyes.
Acoustic Bass: Reinaldo Mereier.
Timbales & Drum set: Guillermo "Barretico" Barreto & Ana Gomez.
Tumbadoras: Oliveiro Valdez.
Bongoes: Clemente "Chicho" Piquero (bongocero for the Benny Moré Orchestra)
Vocals by Raul Planas, Carlos Embale, Rudy Calzado & "El Fantasmita".

Yo soy Cagueiran
Vocal: Raúl Planas

Ven pa' la loma
Vocal: Carlos Embale

 A toda Cuba le gusta
Vocal: El Fantasmita
No Me Niegues Tu Cariño
Vocal: Rudy Calzado

Everything including the 3 songs from the LP that were missing from the remastered CD.

"Congas y Comparsas"
Orq. Kubavana De Carlos Barberia
CD reissue


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