Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day! - Feliz dia de los Padres! Sunday June 20th

My Father is no longer here in body,
but his spirit is always with me.
Happy Fathers day Papa!
I miss you!



Brooklyn, N.Y. 1941

Brooklyn, N.Y. 1941

Tunisia, North Africa 1942


Central Park N.Y.C. 1973

Central Park N.Y.C. 1974

My Father and myself, New Orleans 1974

Central Park N.Y.C. 1991

Central Park N.Y.C. 1994



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Steve said...

These pics are awesome! Hey I just donated in hopes of getting that orchestra riverside 1975 album. Thank you for your posts, the music is amazing!!! Btw, my paypal email is different from the one i use. I use Thanks again!!!

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Jose Mora said...

Mark, I really like your site. Great pics, music, stories, etc. I think I stumbled on it when I was looking for info on Jay Bereck, from Skin on Skins. I own 2 of Jay's beautiful creations and have had the pleasure of spending some time with him. He's quite the character. Anyway, I was curious...where in Brooklyn did your dad live? I'm originally from Boro Park....New Utrecht Ave :)