Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pototo y Filomeno with Orq.Melodias Del 40 - 1959 Cuba

Pototo y Filomeno mostly with Orq. Melodias Del 40
and several songs with a conjunto playing Son.
Download directly from Yoyo's excellent music blog.

Leopoldo Fernández y Aníbal De Mar
a.k.a. "Pototo & Filomeno" can be very funny on these...
though the real stars for me are Orq. Melodias Del 40,
who absolutely sound amazing on these sessions.
Several songs on both recordings have Pototo & Filomeno
backed by a conjunto and those also are very nice.

"Ensalada Rebelde"
Pototo y Filomeno
With Orq.Melodias Del 40 y Conjunto

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