Monday, April 4, 2011

Sebastião Tapajós "Guitar Et Percusions Du Brasil" with 'Pedro Dos Santos' 1972 + "Xingú" 1984 - Brasil

"Guitar Et Percusions Du Brasil"
SebastiãoTapajós with Pedro Dos Santos
Not easy to find.

Guitarist and composer Sebastião Tapajós, started playing at age 9.
This one is my favorite, because Pedro Dos Santos plays on these sessions.
Pedro Dos Santos a.k.a. "Pedro Do Sorongo":
Vocal effects/all percussion-toda a percussão e efeitos vocais. (including his invention, the "Sorongo").
Ripped from 1972 vinyl LP.
I've had this record since I was 18 years old.

With Pedro Dos Santos and Djalma Correa
CD 1984

"Apresentando Sebastião Tapajós E Seu Conjunto"
His first LP CBS Brasil, 1963

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Whoismangerm said...

Wow! Two Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos albums I have yet to hear. Thanks for the info! is there any way to dl these albums? your links seem to be protected.