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Enrique Jorrin: "Stevenson" - Cuba

"Al Ritmo Del Cha cha chá"
Orq. Enrique Jorrin
1986 EGREM Vinyl LP
(1987 Venezuelan pressing)

'Teófilo Stevenson Lawrence',
born 1952 in Jamaica, W.I., grew up in Las Tunas. Cuba.
He was only the second heavyweight boxer the history of
the Olympics to win three gold medals, 1972, 1976, 1980.

A song written by Vicente Bartuti, a tribute to the former
Cuban heavyweight boxing champion, Teófilo Stevenson
on a 1986 LP by Enriqe Jorrin

Orq. Enrique Jorrin
4. 'Stevenson'
Comp: Vicente Bartuti

Track # 6 "Como Pompas De Jabon"
was written and sung by Bobby Carcassés,
who also was born in Jamaica, W.I. then moved to Cuba.
You can download this LP from Yoyo's great music blog:
which is where I downloaded it from.

Former President Fidel Castro presented Stevenson with a mansion in an exclusive residential area of Havana.
In 1999, he ran into trouble at Miami International Airport, when before boarding
a United Airlines chartered jet that would take the Cuban national boxing team home, he allegedly headbutted a 41 year old United ticket counter employee, causing him to break his teeth. He was arrested, but soon after, he was released and returned home to Cuba.
Stevenson defended himself, saying he was provoked by a torrent of verbal abuse.
Teofilo Stevenson and Muhammad Ali

Teofilo Stevenson

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