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Photo: Conj. Caché with "El Niño" Jesús 1977 New Orleans + "Selected works"

'Conjunto Caché'
1976-1977, New Orleans
, Louisiana.

In this photo L-R: Omar; Coro & Maraca,
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz; vocal, piano, flute, tres,
'; batá drum, Alfredo Morúa; coro & güiro.

In 1973 Jesús left La Habana and came to live in
New Orleans the same year I moved there from new york.
Eventually we met and played in several bands together including his band, Conjunto Caché.
I always remember the great times at his Parents house, his
Mom & Dad cooking dinner... myself, Jesús, his younger brother Luisito, Alfredo, his sister Teresa in the living room playing & singing Sones.
And then Me, Jesús y Omar in the back bedroom listing to all
those old Beny Moré Discuba y Panart vinyl record's... we had great fun!

Much love siempre pa' ti mi Monina!

 Jesus Alejandro  'El Niño'
2011 CD

"Regreso a Casa"
Jesus Alejandro 'El Niño'
2011 CD

"Cafecito Cubano"
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz
CD - 2007

9. "A Comer"
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz: comp & arr.
Lead vocal, tres, guitar, piano, flute.

"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz
CD - 2004

6. "Si Bailan Son"
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz:
Comp + Arr. vocal. piano, synthesizer, flute.


Jesús participated with his skilled arranging, composing,
singing as well as playing tres, flute, piano/synthesizer on a
project for Daniel Indart which features several great Sones,
Son Montuno's, swinging dominican merengue's and several
swinging and funky Colombian Cumbias.
All music for the video game: "Tropico" below.





early work from California
1983 and 198?, respectively:

"Orq. Versalles" 
1983 - Vinyl LP
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz:
One arrangement and three compositions,
Vocal, coro, piano, synthesizer, flute,
 2. "La Tierra"
 "El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz:
Composer & Arranger,
Vocal, coro, string synthesizer.

5. "Bailalo Asi" 
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz: Comp.
 lead vocal and dual flute solo with the timbal.

7. "Arra rra rra" (En Potpourri) 
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz
did this arrangement of the classic
Los Papines tune, and sings lead vocal and coro.


"En Firme Y En Presente!" 
Orq. Célebre  "El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz:
Arranger, vocal, coro, piano, synthesizer, flute, tres, guitar.
Cuní vinyl LP 198?

4. "Que Se Fuñan"
Comp: Luis "Lilí" Martínez Griñán
"El Niño" Jesús Alejandro Peréz:
Vocal and tres guitar.

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