Friday, October 1, 2010

In memoriam: Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi
18-year-old Rutgers College freshman
committed suicide by jumping off the
George Washington Bridge, which spans the
Hudson River between New Jersey and New York.

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El Yuma said...


I just discovered your wonderful blog via Penultimos Dias - you've got a labor of love going on here and I really love that you posted a homage to Tyler Clementi. I live just next to the GWB and ride my bike across the bridge frequently so it is chilling to think about his suicide there.

You and I are almas gemelas it seems - My three favorite cities are Havana, New Orleans, and New York. I lived in The Big Sleazy from 1996-2003 when I moved to NYC. For more about me check out my blog - El Yuma.