Sunday, August 1, 2010

Septeto Habanero "90 años" (2 CDs) 2010

"90 Años"
Septeto Habanero
2 CD's recorded in 2009, released 2010

Very tasty sessions, though I prefer the "earlier" band/s of the late 20's, 60's, '70's, '90's.
Gilberto Azcuy (de Rumbavana) as always, plays superb "tipico" trumpet, as well as Frank Padron's trumpet on several tracks.
(Thankfully without any American "Be-Bop derived Jazz licks" and no tumbadora in the band)
Ernesto Laza the resident bongocero and 12 year old Dayron Rodriguez Velazco plays bongó on one track and is not just another "serial roller".
Unfortunately Lp® is already trying to brainwash him with an "endorsement deal".
(the kid should be given either Matt Smith's, Jay Bereck's or Junior Tirado's or algo hecho en Erekusú)

1. "Sin Detenerser En Su Andar" (CD1)

13. "Elena La Cumbanchera"
Ernesto Laza: bongó solo

1. "El Orgullo De Los Soneros" (CD2)

6. "El Congo Dónde Está"

10. "Alerta A Los Bailadores"
Dayron Rodriguez Velazco: bongó solo

Video: 'Dayron Rodriguez Velazco' bongó
Gilberto Azcuy: trumpet


dman1303 said...

Thank You

arugbo said...

Hi Mark,
thanks for the spotlight on one of my favorite Cuban groups. I saw Rumbavana live in Scandinavia in 1983, with Rolando Sigler "Pica" on congas. I learned my first baqueteo de Danzón from Tino Alonso. Rolando was playing a triple set of red and white painted Cuban congas that were really speaking by themselves when you touched them. However, I am pretty sure that on the self-titled red and light blue colored LP that you dated at 1980, it was Joel Driggs playing congas - not Pica.
Best wishes,
Thomas Altmann