Monday, August 30, 2010

Beny Moré - Happy 89th Birthday!

16 años de edad
Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez24 August 1919 – 19 February 1963
Happy 89th Birthday!
August 2010

Fiesta De Tambores
Clemente "Chicho" Piquero: bongoes

Repica Bongó
(Clemente "Chicho" Piquero: bongoes)

Dolor y Perdon
(Cuba Si, Yankee No!)


Blavonski said...

Hola markito,
I love this, I love that and I love that other piece too!

It becomes increasingly clear to me, with each new listening to Beny More, that like many unorthadox,anvantguard creative genius; it takes time and many hours of real listening to pick up what they're puttin' down. I'm a relative rookie with Afro-Cuban Musik, but I'll go out on the limb and say that, the man was ahead of is time; if that's not too cliché.

Again, mucho, muchos gracias for sharing the goods!


bruno vega said...

hola me gustaria descargar conoci la musica de benny more por mi padre y supe que estuvo en peru en el año 1958 y canto en una radio se llamaba radio la cronica lo trajo una empresa de te se llamaba te unico y me gustaria descargar para tenerlo