Monday, August 9, 2010

Arsenio Rodríguez - Cuban Classics Vol. XIII

"Cuban Classics Vol. XIII"
Arsenio Rodríguez, Chano Pozo, Estrellas Juveniles
A nice compilation released on CD, 2001.

Includes Arsenio doing a version of
"Tunas, Mayari, Guantanamo" that I have only
seen on this CD. (incorrectly titled: "Pimienta")
Though in short supply, this CD can still be found.

2. Tunas, Mayarí, Guantánamo
Vocal: Marcelino Guerra

Arsenio Rodríguez with one of his New York City bands.


Mario Alberto said...

En esta canción: "Tunas, Mayari, Guantanamo", la trompeta es de Florecita?..
Excelente pieza musical.

In this song: "Tunas, Mayari, Gunatanamo", Player trumpet is "Florecita"?...

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

No, that is not "Florecita" playing trumpet in that song.
On this CD... some the information on the back is incorrect, ie: song titles, Vocalists.