Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Banda De Pífanos de Caruaru & Carnaíba - Brasil

"Santo Antonio do Carnaíba"
Banda de Pifanos De Carnaíba
Vinyl LP

"A Bandinha Vai Tocar"
Banda de Pifanos De Caruaru
1980 vinyl LP
5. "São João do Carneiriñho"

"Banda De Pífanos de Caruaru"
1976 vinyl LP
(My favorite)
1. "Pipoca Moderna"

Caruaru and Carnaíba are cities in the
state of Pernambuco, in the northeast of Brazil.
In 1976 I had a girlfriend who was from Recife,
we used to listen to the 1976 LP a lot.

O Mestré, "João do Pifano" talking, playing and
making a Pifé in Caruaru, Brasil.

Banda de Pífano de Caruaru

Banda de Pífano de Caruaru

ñho" giving short demonstrations
of Northeast Brasilian ritmos on his 'Zabumba'.

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