Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lobo y Melon - Veracruz, Mexico

"Lobo" y "Melón"
Carlos Daniel Navarro (Lobo)
Luis Angel Silva (Melón)

Best Known for incorporating style of singing called
"Chua-Chua", that was developed and used by Francisco Fellove when he was living in Mexico during the 1950's.
(A form of "Be-Bop" derived scat singing)

Lobo y Melon led a swinging band, playing Cuban Guaracha, Son Montuno, Cha cha chá, Bolero, Conga/Comparsa and Guaguancó.

These are four original RCA LP covers.
My father gave them to me in the 1970's,
I sold them on Ebay seven years ago.

"Amalia Batista"
Their first LP 1959
RCA Victor vinyl LP

1. "Africa"

2. "Coge Pa' La Cola"

"Escapatibria Vol.V"
RCA Victor vinyl LP

4. "No Critiques"

RCA Victor vinyl LP

6. "La Sitiera"
Comp: Rafael López

8. "Guaguancó En Mexico"

10. "Tierra Cubana"

"Rumbeada Vol. II"
RCA Victor vinyl LP

1. "Rumbeada En Pueblo Nuevo"

2. "Dispensame"

5. "Blen Blen Blen"
Comp. Chano Pozo

7. "La Pena De Memo"

Many of the songs on these can still be found
reissued on various CD's.


ECJR said...

Thanks for your enormous effort. I enjoyed the segment dedicated to Lobo y Melon even though very little info on the Piano player Mr Enrique Chavez, known as "La gallina" is available. The cuban inspiration transpires from his excellent montuno and jazz beat mix. he is one of the best performers ever.

Easy Jams said...

More Lobo y Melón here: