Friday, January 8, 2010

Sexteto Habanero Godinez 'Oscar Sotolongo' bongó 1920 - Cuba

'Oscar Sotolongo'
Sexteto Habanero Godinez

Later: Sexteto Habanero and Septeto Habanero

Mujer Bandolera - 1920

Rosa Que Linda Eres - 1920


Omarfuzz said...

amazing photo! really gives me a point of reference to my Meinl wooden bongo cajon!

Blavonski said...

Man, this is a Fantastic site!Obviously a labour of love.
Thanks for sharing!

Also,Is there a way of downloading any of the music that I find here? I don't mind listening at the computer Much of what I can obtain is from Library(Berlin, Germany) collections of the More recent popular music, with a few uninformative collections.

At any rate, Mucho gracis!!