Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Estampas Populares" Music of Bienvenido Julián Gutiérrez - Cuba

"Estampas Populares"
Vinyl LP on Egrem/Areito mid 1960's

Same LP, alternate Egrem cover

An LP of instrumental compositions and music by the legendary 'Bienvenido Julián Gutiérrez'. The orchestrations on this kill, due to these studios sessions directed by four superb bandleaders:
Generoso "Tojo" Jimenéz, 'Andrés "Niño Rivera" Echevarria' and 'Joaquín Mendível Guerra'

Killer orchestrations, killer Orquesta, which I'm sure included many of the first call studio cats in Havana during this period, several of whom may include:
percussionists Oscar Valdés Sr. & Marcelino Valdés - brothers 'Emilio Peñalver' (tenor Sax) and 'Osvaldo Peñalver' (Alto Sax), "Tojo" takes several short tasty trombone solos.

You are correctly seeing the price in the upper right corner on the back of the album jacket... that's what this LP sold for.
Long out of print and rare.

1. Azucar Con Amargao

2. Hagan Juego

3. Cundunga
(Check out the Piccolo parts)

6. Con Un Solo Pie

7. El Huerfanito
My Father used to love the way Abelardo Barroso sang this

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