Thursday, November 5, 2009

Raúl Planas - "La Vida Es Un Sueño" - Cuba Leo Castañeda

"La Vida Es Un Sueño"
'Raúl Planas'
Poorly chosen stereotypical cover design.
A photo of Raúl would have been more respectful.
Raúl Planas died in 2001, these were most likely recorded between 1995 and 2001.
I had never heard these recordings by him, the back up band is not listed.

The tresero is excellent, taking numerous solos and playing without any bullshit "tricks" or fancy "embellishments"...
his playing is "simple", "incredibly flavorful" and "tasteful"!
The bongocero also plays in a style I like, "incredibly flavorful", "clean" and "tasteful", again without
any bullshit "tricks" or fancy "embellishments", like 1,0001 variations of North American drum rolls.

Every song swings with great arrangements, including the boleros.
And Raul does two Arsenio Rodriguez tunes that smoke! He also does a nice version of "Gloria a Beny" (Moré), though my favorite version is by 'Leo Castañeda'.
These 12 songs swing , Raul's voice is superb and well aged at this point.
Raul Planas sings on 11 songs, track 12 is sung by an uncredited singer who sounds so familiar, but I have no idea who he is. Track 12 is also misnamed "Tinguiri", the correct title is "Tawiri", originally done by Grupo 'Clave y Guaguanco' on their CD.
6. "Como Pescao En Tarima"

10. "A Quién No Le Gusta El Son"

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