Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video: Cuba - "Tío Tom" - Orq. Riverside

The late composer:  
'Gonzalo Asencio Hernandez' - "Tío Tom"   
with Orq. Riverside playing his composition:
 "Chango Ta' Veni"

Baudilio Carbonell - Bongoes, Rolando Piloto- Timbals, Jorge Lavin- Sax Tenor, Raul Nacianzeno-Sax Alto, Nelson Arocha - Piano (Director) Pedro Soroa - Congas, Rolando "Peligro" Valdes - Singer, Jose Anibal Mayia - Trumpet, Roberto Morell - Trombone, Orlando Reyes - Singer, "Cuco" - Bass, Mario del Monte Jr.- Trumpet, Mario del Monte Sr.- Trumpet, Abel Martinez- Trumpet

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Barry said...

Great find Mark. I always wondered if this was the one he wrote or another by the same name, this confirms it.