Thursday, July 30, 2009

Justi Barreto - "Batanga" 1958 - Cuba

Justi Barreto' y Su Orq. - 1958
On 'Musart'

Justi Barreto, composer, singer, percussionist. "The Man"
Born 14 November 1923, Havana, Cuba. Living in the US. for many years.
Creator of the "Batanga"
Between himself and his half brother: 'Silvestre Mendez'... the amount of compositions are endless. Just about everybody who is anybody has recorded Justi Barreto compositions.
Especially Beny Moré.
Sometime listen to Arsenio Rodriguez singing "Lo Que Dice Justi".

Many people are familiar with the two LPs: "Guaguanco 69" and "Comparsas Cubanas"
(on 'Gema'), this LP is out of print,
never reissued and rare.
Recorded when he lived in Mexico. Big band.

2. " Batanga N°.2"

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