Monday, July 6, 2009

Oak Requinto custom made by 'Jay Bereck' "Skin On Skin"

A true "Requinto" I recently sold on Ebay, it was custom made for me in 1993 by 'Jay Bereck"
(Skin On Skin).
Made of Oak, 26' inches tall, with a 8½ inch head.

Photo of 'Chano Pozo'
playing a
8½ inch "Requinto" in 1947


Bongos not Bombs said...

A fantastic little drum. Good luck with the auction.

Rumba Instruments said...

Can I ask a question about the Skin on Skin requinto you sold? Did you put that handle on it or Jay? It's the only handle I've seen on a Skin on Skin. I was thinking about doing the same to my pair of Skin on Skins, I miss having a handle on them.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

I bought the handle in black to match the non chromed black hardware and asked Jay to put it on.

Jay Bereck ("Skin On Skin") did not put handles on his finished drums.
Natalio "Junior" Ruiz did put handles on drums he made. All three drums I have made by "Junior" came with handles.
Every drum I've ever seen made in Cuba by 'Gonzalo Vergara' had a handle.

I have a tumbadora that Jay made of Oak... I bought a small chrome handle and asked Jay to put it on using an electric high powered screw driver drill... it wasn't easy due to the hardness of the Oak.