Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In memoriam: Jesús Alfonso Miró, murio en Matanzas, Cuba - June 3 2009

Falleció Jesús Alfonso Miró
Iba ayé ba yé t'orún
Sadly, Jesús Alfonso Miró died today, June 3rd 2009, he was 60 years old.
Musician, drummer and quinto player in 'Los Munequitos De Matanzas'

As a small homage to him, these several quickly edited videos.
These first four videos were filmed by me at "Symphony Space" during a show here in N.Y.C. in the 1990's. The old "no filming rule" was in effect, so I had to "clandestinely" film between peoples heads sitting in front of me.

Jesús Alfonso Miró playing Chekeré

Abakúa -
Jesús Alfonso Miró playing Biankomé

Jesús Alfonso Miró playing quinto,
then switches to "Guagua' and plays my favorite pattern.
With 'Los Munequitos De Matanzas'. Early 1980's, Cuba.

A younger Jesús Alfonso Miró on the left, playing 'tres dos'
with 'Los Munequitos De Matanzas'. Early 1970's, Cuba.


Jonathan said...

Thank you for posting of the passing of this dear man. The world of rumba mourns his journey from our sight.

vanessa said...

gracias jesus por todo. luz y progreso.