Thursday, May 7, 2009

David Stone Martin - Original 78's cover art "Cult Music Of Cuba" 1948-'49

David Stone Martin
New York, 1947

Vinyl LP cover art by  David Stone Martin

78' rpm cover of "Cult Music Of Cuba" in 1948-'49
Artist: David Stone Martin

This is the "original cover" art on the front of the album folder that contained the four 78rpm records of 'Harold Courlander's' field recording's titled "Cult Music Of Cuba" from 1948-'49.
The "original" cover art was done by 'David Stone Martin', who was the artist that did dozen's of covers for many of the classic Be-Bop and jazz 10' inch album cover's and 12' inch LP covers during the 1940's and 1950's. Including Machito and Chico O'Farril's 10' inch cover and Dizzy Gillespie's 10' inch cover.
All four 78's were later released/reissued as one 33rpm LP on the "Ethnic Folkways" label (With both pink & blue cover).

A few photos included with four pages accompanying the original 78's


Morris said...

This picture is fantastic! As a jazz LP collector for many years, I am a huge fan of David Stone Martin. This is such a unique work.

Thank you very much for sharing it!


Fidels Eyeglasses said...

David Stone Martin... a great artist!