Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu - The better mask to get. "Reality is real"

This is the "N95" made by the 3M company. This is the better mask to have.
The masks you see them giving to people in the street in Mexico are of very poor quality and inferior compared to the "N95".
(Do you really think they're giving them the proper masks)

I just bought a box of 20 for $17.95, I'll keep a few and give a few to my Mother who is 82 years old.

I'm in New York City, where the highest "confirmed cases" have been found in the U.S.
If you go down into the Subway system, you encounter people who are sneezing and coughing all over the place. If you have to get on an airplane... the "N95" is the mask to have.
(short of having to buy a respirator)

Some of you may laugh this off, and some of you are "realists".
My ex girlfriend actually thinks this is all bullshit and we are being "lied to" and it's all a "conspiracy" and there's no such thing as "Swine Flu".

"Reality is real" baby.

Dr. 'Sanjay Gupta', nurosurgeon and CNN chief medical corespondent uses a N95 mask made by 3M.

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