Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rosendo Ruiz Jr. (Orq.Estrellas Cubanas) 1960 - Cuba

Original vinyl LP cover on TICO

"Havana Bound"
Rosendo Ruiz Jr. & His Orchestra
(Orq.Estrellas Cubanas)
CD reissue out of print, with 12 additional
songs I added from an other source.

The following was a review written by the respected Cuban music historian 'Luis Dequesada' on August 13, 2001 on
His information is excellent.
(I corrected only a few misspelled words)

"Definitely one of the most rare and sought after of all Cuban Charanga orchestra albums.
This compilation was recorded in Havana, Cuba in 1959 or 1960 and was first issued then as a 33rpm vinyl Lp by 'Tico' Records.
Unfortunately it was discontinued by Tico around 1964 and since then it has become an elusive, hard to get and sought after recording, especially by connoisseurs of this genre.

This excellent Cuban Charanga directed by the great composer and pianist Rosendo Ruiz, Jr. was none other than maestro 'Felix Reyna's' "Orquesta Estrellas Cubanas", which was 'José Fajardo's' original orchestra until Reyna's takeover in 1959.
This great orchestra was nicknamed "Rosendo Ruiz Jr.& His Orchestra" for these recordings.
These recording sessions were made at the legendary CMQ Radiocentro's Studio #1 in Havana, Ruiz made one addition and one substitution. He added the famed violinist
'Miguel Barbon', aka "El Niño Prodigio" of 'Orq.Melodias del 40', to enhance the orchestra's strings section and substituted 'Julio Guerrero', aka "El Distinto" for 'Gonzalo Fernandez' then of Orquesta America de 'Ninon Mondejar' as flutist, the latter change became a controversial topic among experts and fans, then and in subsequent years.

This is a superb CD, the Charanga chorus, the musical arrangements, the tunes and the band are just exquisite. "Flor de Amor", "ChaChaCha del Diablo", "Lloraras"(my favorite), "El Pregon del Amor","La Vida Es Corta","El Borracho y El Bodeguero","La Combinacion", "Cha Cha Cha Loco", "Salsa Negra", "Guapacha en La Luna", "Pan Con Timba" and "Mambo Sideral" will simply delight you. I highly recommend the acquisition of this rare Cuban musical gem.
Definitely Rosendo Ruiz Jr.'s best lifetime work.

Recorded in Cuba during the famed and flavorful "Guapacha era", 1955-1960.

The original CD reissue has 12 songs, I added an extra 12 songs from another 'Rosendo Ruiz Jr.' recording. 24 songs total.

The remastered CD recordings have excellent sound.


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Nunca habia oido de Rosendo Ruiz. estuve bajando los otros dias la musica de Pacho Alonso y es excelente habia oido hablar de el pero no tenia musica de el. muchas gracias!

COpeTOn said...

ohh great artist...thank you for put this music

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