Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'Eduardo Davidson' - "La Pachanga" 1959 Panart LP

'Eduardo Davidson' - "La Pachanga"
Panart vinyl LP
(the drum in the photo made by 'Vergara')

'Eduardo Davidson', best known for his composition "La Pachanga" which became a major international hit for Jose Fajardo before Fajardo left Cuba.

'Eduardo Davidson' wrote dozens of other great songs,12 of them that
'Panart' released on this 1959 LP as a compilation of 'Eduardo Davidson's' work.
Many became very popular hits for the bands that recorded them, including the bands on this record: 'Orquesta Sublime', 'Roberto Faz' y su conjunto, 'Julio Valdez' y su Orq., 'Carlos Diaz' singing with 'Carlos Barberia' y Kubavana & "Yoyo" Casteleiro and two great 'Eduardo Davidson' compositions "Elegua Inkió" & "Ochun Del Cobre" with 'Gina Martin' singing with the 'Obdulio Morales' Orq., with 'Jesús Peréz' y sus tambores Bata.

This Panart LP with these
particular 12 of 'Eduardo Davidson's' collective works has never been reissued.
Although many of these songs can be found on the individual bands LP's and CD's.

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