Monday, February 2, 2009

Candita Batista "Ritmo De Santo" 1961 & "Pregónes Cubanos" 1960 Cuba

"Ritmo De Santo"
With the Obdulio Morales big band side A & on side B Obdulio Morales coro with 'Jesús Peréz' con su Tambores Batá .
Interestingly, the tracks with tambores batá on side B have a traditional "Acheré" the beginnings then Chekeré's that come in at the end of each song,
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3. Contoneo Meneo

8. Rezo A Changó

9. Rezo A Babalú Ayé

'Candita Batista' 90 years old
en Camagüey, Cuba.

"Pregónes Cubanos"
1960 Egrem - LP
Vinyl out of print, never reissued.
'Candita Batista' backed by 'Eulogio "Yoyo" Casteleiro' and his killer big band.
"Yoyo" Casteleiro's band really kicks ass on this and is really what makes this LP a killer.
Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias takes a solo on track #2 
Rica Pulpa

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