Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Septetos Cubanos de ayer y de hoy" Florencio "Carusito" Hernandez- Cuba

Septetos Cubanos De ayer y De Hoy
Egrem late1960's
4. Echale Candela
Septeto Favorito -"Carusito": vocal

Superb LP of Sones, directed by Carusito - Florencio Hernandez. (with his Septeto Favorito)
"Carusito" singing. And Ana-María García, she does a beautiful rendition of "La Bayamesa" by 'Sindo Garay' and also "El Dulcerito" by 'Rosendo Ruiz Suarez'... with an excellent tres solo by "Niño" Rivera (Andrés Echevarria.
Additional musicians include Rafael Ortíz, Rigoberto Díaz coro.
And as I have been told... "Floresita" Oscar Velasco O'Farrill playing trumpet, however it does not sound like Floresita to me, but whoever the trumpet player is... both his "sound" and "style" are great.
Carlos Embale sings with Septeto Nacional on the last track only.
(thanks to 'vuorikuu' for info)
The Singing, tres playing, and bongo solos are excellent.
The whole LP is a killer.
An Egrem export LP distributed by the infamous
"La Maison Du Disque".


vuorikuu said...

Septetos Cubanos or the really name of the maingroup SEPTETO FAVORITO is a proyect of "Carusito", Florencio Hernández, who was a long time with Rafael Ortíz in Gloria Matancera, also they were backing duo Los Compadres and later in Septeto Nacional both. It was only to record this album. The woman singin is Ana-María García (1909-1974) and i know some of the musicians; Rafael Ortíz bass, Rigoberto Díaz backing vocals (and leader for Tanda de Guaracheros), Carusito himself, Florecita trumpet and quite sure Niño Rivera in tres.The group was named Septeto Favorito. There are mistakes in the autornames of songs, if you want i can tell you some of those?! The only Septeto Nacional-thing is the last, Son de la loma...

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Thank you 'vuorikuu' for your contribution of the information re: the sessions on this LP.
Very interesting, now I know who the Woman singing is as well as the others.
Floresita sounds amazing as always.
Thanks for the information!