Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grupo Afro-Cuba with 'Changuito' & 'Giovanni Hidalgo' sitting in - live Cuba 1980's

Grupo Afro-Cuba de Matanzas with 'Changuito' & 'Giovanni Hidalgo' sitting in, recorded live in Cuba 1980's,
'Francisco Zamora Chirino' "Minini": Singer.
'Regalao' is Afro-Cuba's Quinto player who plays first for about 9 min. then 'Changuito' plays, then 'Changuito' & 'Giovanni Hidalgo' take turns on Quinto.

My favorite Quinto players who have had influence in my playing are:

"Chachá" - 'Esteban Domingo Vega'. (Los Muñequitos)
- 'Victoriano Espinosa.' (Los Muñequitos)
- 'Pedro Aballi Torriente' (Grupo Afro-Cuba)

Rumba Columbia - 16:00 minutes

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