Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carlos Embale - 4 LP's 2 CD's - Cuba

Vinyl LP/LD

In 1977-'78 I went to L.A. for a gig, I stayed at Luis Conte's house (the old house). While I was there, he played these first two 'Carlos Embale' LP's for me and I remember the sound of the wood block they used and how "fresh" and different they sounded to me, after years of listening to the "older" styles of 'Grupo Guaguancó Matancero'/'Los Muñequitos', 'Los Papines' 'Mongo' & 'Patato' y 'Totico',
For me, these two LP's are 'Carlos Embale's' best.
(In the last two years, these two LP's have started to turn up as CD's, copied from the original vinyl, in Miami record stores)

"Carlos Embale"
1977, '78
Vinyl LP/LD

"La Voz Del Guaguancó"
Vinyl LP/LD

"Todavia Me Queda Voz"
Vinyl LP/LD
Recorded August 1985.
Released 1988.

"Rumbero Mayor II"
In 2002 'Barry Cox' made this CD compilation from the above LP's and he created the front & back covers, he called it "Rumbero Mayor II".

"Rumbero Mayor"
1992 Egrem CD
Compilation CD of songs from some of his previous LP's.

Video: Carlos Embale Y Los Roncos

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juan said...

love 2 have these Embale recordings. how can i get them? pls respond, thks.