Saturday, November 1, 2008

In memoriam - Arturo "Baté" Flores flautista Peruano - N.Y.C.

The flute player
'Arturo' Flores in this video died last week... he was riding his bicycle in Queens, N.Y., a car hit him, he fell off the bike, hit his head on a parked car and died.

Arturo made his own flutes and came from a family of MASTER flute makers in Peru.
He was in a small band called Julian Ávalos' & "Afro Andes" that I used to play bongoes with in the Subway.
Arturo Flores played flute and clave in this group.
He was a great musician and a very friendly and humble person.

You can see many videos of Arturo playing on YouTube here:

(El gran flautista Peruano)

"Camina Pa'lante"


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