Saturday, September 27, 2008

Orq. America Del 55 "Yo No Quiero Bailar" & Conj. Rumbavana - Cuba

"Yo No Quiero Bailar"
Orq. America Del 55
A bootleg on "El Cheapo" Kristal label,
taken from various other LP's.
Several songs by Conjunto Rumbavana also on the LP.

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patricio said...

Hola señor
What a collection you have!
How many charanga oldies?
No chance to get that América one?
Or any of the Rumbavana ones?
About that América one:
"Me Voy pa' Las Villas" has been re-edited in a 2cd compilation: "Una Noche en Havana" and re-made by Pupi Legarreta as "Me Voy pa' Abidján".
Really nice tune indeed.
Never heard of the other ones…