Thursday, August 14, 2008

LP covers -The "Pink Tumbadora" - Cuba

Three LP covers and one photo showing Panarts studio "Pink Tumbadora", a drum that lived it's life in the Panart recording studios in La Habana and showed up often on several LP covers. (Made by Gonzalo Vergara)

The "original" Cachao "Descargas In Miniature" Panart's Cuban pressing.
(Cachao not with bass over his knee & "Yeyito" standing not sitting. Tata Güines with the studio "Pink Tumbadora".

Armando Orefiche Panart LP
with the studio "Pink Tumbadora"

Merceditas Valdes Panart LP cover
With the studio "Pink Tumbadora"

Below is a photo again taken in the Panart studio showing 'Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias' holding the "Pink Tumbadora".
Also in the photo is Bienvenido Granda, "Yoyo" Casteleiro sitting at the piano and Carlos Barberia standing behind him.

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