Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fidel is Dead! - a novel by Author Richard K. Manoff

Fidel Is Dead!
A Novel of the Cuban Aftermath.
Author: Richard K. Manoff

Book synopsis:
"Into the post-Castro, post-Communist turbulence comes media mogul 'Gordon Samson' on a White House mission to Cuba.
He is determined to avoid the political struggle in which a junta of military officers and Cuban American businessmen seize power.
It is supported by unscrupulous U.S. officials, Congressmen and industrialists seeking to profit from the upheaval.
'Gordon' is sucked into the insurrection that erupts into an international scandal on TV with tumultuous Congressional hearings in the U.S.
For some it is an aftermath of smashed careers and wrecked lives but not without its measure of romance, retribution and redemption for others".

Sound unrealistic?
Not to me it doesn't.

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