Thursday, July 31, 2008

René Alvarez "4 missing songs" from the original sessions, not included on the CD.

In the late 1990's the 'Tumbao' label from Spain, well known for reissuing classic Cuban music that otherwise would never be heard, released this CD by the late René Alvarez Y Su Conjunto said to be recorded in 1987.The CD has 18 songs, however.... there are "4 songs missing" from the original sessions, not included on the CD.
These are the "missing" songs:
1. Consuelate Como Yo*
2. Pueblo Nuevo Se Paso*

3.Esta Noche*

4. Me Boto La Negrita*

"Consuelate Como Yo"

"Pueblo Nuevo Se Paso"
"Esta Noche"

"Me Boto La Negrita"

'Opus 13' - 1979
René Alvarez
Tumbadoras: 'Miguel "Anga" Diaz'


Reysser Pais said...

Mr. Sanders thank you for posting these recordings of Rene Alvarez, one of the best director-soneros of Cuba. I personally believe that it is he who mastered and created with his Conjunto Los Comandos and later Los Astros the sound that propelled
Arsenio Rodriguez and his style to fame and recognition, of course always recognizing that Arsenio was a true genious and a giant of the Cuban Music Pantheon. Nonetheless Rene Alvarez with Los Astros did have a flavor and rhythm that surpassed Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto. Yes, these recordings are from 1987 according to Cuban musicological sources that I have consulted.

Reysser Pais said...

It is wonderful to hear Guillermo Romero(Guillo)one of the most typical and brilliant bongoceros of the 1930's, 40's and 50's. He succeeded bongocero Eloy Collazo who was brother to the famous Fernando Collazo as the bongo player for Conjunto Casino in 1942-1943, and later played fabulously with Los Jovenes del Cayo of which I would love to see rocordings posted, and also with Conjunto Colonial before the great Evelio Calderon. He plays the bongo in these recording with the pace and concept of the old Septetos where the solos are short and so rich, the way it should be. Not like so many bongoceros today who make 3 hour solos. These musicians respected the balance of the music without showing off.

Reysser Pais said...

Alberto was the original bongocero who played with Rene Alvarez y Los Astros, he was amazing with the bongo. Alberto later became bongocero for Felix Chapottin y sus Estrellas. Some of the best bongoceros are:
1). Agustin Gutierrez "Manana"
2). Oscar Sotolongo
3). Manuel "El Chino" Incharte
4). Guillermo Romero "Guillo"
5). Orlando Guzman "El Chicuelo"
6). Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias
7). Panchito Bejerano
8). Mario Santacruz
9). Evelio Calderon
10). Marcelo-Mario Gonzales "El Blanco"
11). Armando Peraza
12). Ricardo Leon Dueñas "El Niño"
13). Rolando Soto
13). Papa Gofio
14). Manteca
15). Antolin Suarez "Papa Kila"

Reysser Pais said...

The best Conjuntos were:

1). Roberto Faz y su Conjunto
2). Conjunto Casino
3). Conjunto Kubavana
4). Los Jovenes del Cayo
5). Rene Alvarez y Los Astros
6). Conjunto Rumbavana when Ricardo Ferro was director.
7). Conjunto La Gloria Matancera
8). Felix Chapottin y sus Estrellas.
9). Senen Suarez y su Conjunto.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Lets add 'Andrés Sotolongo' and 'Marino González' to the superb bongoceros list. :)

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Add Conjunto 'Estrellas de Chocolate' to the best Conjuntos list.