Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Fotos De Cuba" web site / blog

I came across a web site/blog (not sure what to call it) in my travels on the web yesterday.
I don't know if there's a political agenda going on or there isn't and I don't really care.
But every so often I come across a site with so much interesting "stuff" that it takes a week to look at everything.

The web site is called "SecretosCuba / Fotos De Cuba! Solamentes De Antes Del 1958!"
It is heavily graphic intensive, meaning pictures, postcards, documents, old advertising and photos of bands, musicians and much more.. all obscure and vintage relating to Cuba.
Many things I've never seen before and didn't even know existed.
Many things posted by collectors.

I thought I'd give it a mention here.
There are 34 pages, start at page one and scroll.
I 'm very into photos and there are so many, that it will take at least a week to see everything.
On page 24.... scroll down until you see the old photo of
'Orq. Anacaona'
taken in Paris, the Man in the middle is 'Alberto Socarras' who managed the band.

'Orq. Anacaona' 1937
'Alberto Socarras' standing on left.

"Algo Bueno"
Vocal: Graciela before she left Cuba
Bongo solo: 'Argimira "Millo" Castro'

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