Saturday, June 14, 2008

René Lopéz Sr. René Lopéz Jr. 2007

José "Apatche" (best Cajón maker in N.Y.C.),
Tito Sandoval, René Lopéz Sr., René Lopéz Jr.,
Ivan "Sonny" Ayala (kneeling).
At the 108th street Rumba en "El Barrio".


Sentimiento Manana said...

This is a great pic, I have been looking for a pic with Apache for the longest time, and in this one you got him, Ivan Ayala, and Rene Jr...great man...thanks

Sentimiento Manana said...

thanks for the link, I got those already...i will be checking your site for more great stuff and pics..

Sentimiento Manana said...

i am working on an interview with Rene Lopez jr, for my blog is it ok if I use this pic with him and the guys? and give credit where credit it due of course?

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

There are some photos here I think you would be into: