Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gilberto Valdés y Su "Valdimbula" / Jesús Peréz y Su Bata

These two LP's were both bootlegs of original Cuban recordings.
The Maype LP with the yellow cover, "Rezo De Santo" was put together by
Gilberto Valdés.
It had a brief narration before each song by Carmelina Poldo.
There were no drums used on the Maype LP, instead they used the instrument known as Marimbula.
Gilberto Valdés decided to take the end of his last name... 'Valdés' and the end of Marim"bula", put them together and he came up with "VALDIMBULA".

However, when the LP "Santeria Cubana" on the Tecca label came out.... they took all of the songs from "Rezo De Santo", cut out the narration before each song, then added them along with several more songs not originally on the first LP, including several poorly recorded tracks with an unknown batá group.
I put everything together in one file, totaling 26 tracks.


Thomas Altmann said...

Hi Mark,

thank you very much for offering this material for free. I appreciate your effort for the community.

Pablo Soto said...

I can't find the file on rapidshare. Was it removed?

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Re-uploaded file on Oct. 5 2009

Emmanuel Massarotti said...

woaw, you've got amazing, unfindable recordings, thank you to share them for the music love