Friday, May 9, 2008

Lázaro Ros with Conjunto Folklórico Nacional De Cuba 1960 - 1961

"Ritmo y Lamento - Cantos De Santos"

Lázaro Ros singing with Teatro y Danza Nacional '60-'61, before the formation of C.F.N.D.C. (Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba) which was later formed in 1962.
'Lázaro Ros'
, master 'Akpuon' (lead singer of Yoruba liturgical repertoire).
He was a young Man at the time of this recording done in 1960 or 1961.
His voice in '60, '61 was amazing.
This bootleg of the original recording was put out in Miami on the CHB record label which first appeared in the late 1969, '70.
1. Elegúa

4. Changó


Dirk said...

HI,congratulations on your blog.Just wanted to say thanks 4 all the cool stuff. Juan from Argentina

patricio said...

Hi Mark

thanks again for your marvelous charanga gifts.
I would like to know more about that Ritmo (y) Lamento one.
On my blog about CFNC (I'm trying to make CFN's discography clearer) I finally found there were only two records by them. Many versions, but only re-editions.
But this one you posted there seems to be one more (or an earlier record with Teatro y Danza Nacional de Cuba?) because many members of the CFN were in TDNC before - so did Lázaro Ros. This CHB record company does not seem to be cuban.
Is it the same album than the other one you posted (toques güiros)?
Was it recorded before 1959?
Quite a mistery for me…
Of course I would be very pleased if you allowed me to download them.

Carry on!!