Friday, April 25, 2008

'Terceto Yoyo photo / Cuba 1920's

'Terceto Yoyo'
The Cuban trio with a 14 key Marímbula.
There is only one recorded song
that I have ever heard from them.

'El Cangrejito'
El Terceto Yoyo

Cover photo from Luis Conte's CD:

The actual 9 key Marímbula used for the above CD cover was made in Jamaica W.I.
My father bought it in N.Y.C. and gave it to me in 1978.
My dad took off the original rusted piece of metal that held the keys down and replaced it with a "brushed" aluminum strip of metal.
I sold it to my long time friend Luis Conte in 1986.
(L.A. based percussionist originally from Santiago De Cuba)
You can buy his CD "Marimbula" directly from the link to his web site below.

A Cuban Marímbula used for playing Changüi,
with 7 keys, a "bass" key in the middle.
Photo: Daniel Chatelain

An older Cuban 8 key Marímbula

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