Saturday, March 22, 2008

Raúl Planas y Orq. Kubavana -LP late 50's

"Que Tienes Titina?"
Raúl Planas singing with Carlos Barberias Orq. Kubavana
Panart LP late 1950's

Planas is amazing, at the time of this recording, still a young man.
Barberia's big band "Orq. Kubavana" kills with swinging arrangements! (including the boleros)
The 'Peñalver' brothers in the Sax section.

1. A la quimbamba (Samba-Guaracha)
2. Cosas del alma (Bolero)
3. Nagüe (Rumba-Afro)
4. No lo digas (Bolero)
5. Yo soy cagueiran (Son Montuno)
6. No me pidas (Bolero)
7. Que tienes titina (Guaracha)
8. La cancion de dinero (Bolero)
9. Se acerca la comparsa (Guaracha-Comparsa)
10. Mi corazon tiene derecho (Bolero-Cha-cha-chá)
11. Bayamo y el Cha-cha-chá (Cha-cha-chá)
12. Despierta guajira (Guajiro-Mambo)

The original transfer from vinyl LP was a mess... now it sounds fabulous.
I spent an hour cleaning and trimming this with GoldWave v5.23
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florez116 said...

Very nice LP full of swing. Your blog is a wealth of information. Thanks!

fermin said...

muchas gracias.

jbbryan said...

thanks again. keep doing what you be doing.

Juan Diaz said...

Buenos dias, un saludo, y una consulta por favor: podrian indicar quien es el compositor del tema: Mi corazon tiene derecho ??