Monday, December 20, 2010

Septeto Cauto 78rpm's reissued on CD: 1937-1940 - Cuba

"Congo Se Divierte"
Septeto Cauto
Originally from 78rpm recordings reissued on CD 12 years ago on the Tumbao label with a very nice colorized photo of the band on the cover.
Alfredo Valdés and Cheo Marquetti vocals,
Bienvenido Leon: voz barítono, Manuel "Mozo" Borgellia: tres,
Mario González en bongoces.

2. Congo Se Divierte

4. Efí Embemoró

7. Amor Verdadero

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Jon Jax said...

Cheo Marquetti was a tremendous sonero, he was influential and helped shape several other singers of Cuba, PR, NY and beyond. He had a unique timber in his voice that made him easy to recognize. His older brother Luis Marquetti was an accomplished composer as well