Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Ritmos Cubanos" Conjunto Bolero, Sonora Nacional, Estrellas Juveniles - Cuba

A great compilation of three groups from
the late 1950's through the early and mid 1960's.
on a CD which has been out for several years.

Conjunto Bolero de Enrique Peréz, Sonora Nacional
And Estrellas Juveniles, the band that Esteban Regueira formed.
(with the help of Arsenio Rodriguez before he left Cuba)
Which included several former members of Arsenios band:
Esteban Regueira: singer and director.
Guichi: singer and guitar.
Oscar "Florecita" Velazco, Enrique Peréz and
Armando Albertini: trumpets.
Cabrerita, piano.
Sabino Peñalver: bass.
Tomas Carrillo, tres.
Alberto: bongoes.
Tata Güines: tumbadoras

Several of these are included in a mix I posted
here in June, 2008

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