Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gladys León "Juegos De Amor" 1964 - Cuba

Gladys León "Juegos De Amor" - 1964
Egrem vinyl LP

Many people are familiar with 'Elena Burke', 'Omara Portuondo' 'Gina León' and the great 'Doris De La Torre', but not familiar with 'Gladys León', all great vocalists along with others in the musical "filin" (feeling) movement of the late 1950's into the 1960's.
"Many of the "filin" songs were interpreted as boleros with excellent orchestral arrangements including vanguard concepts and harmonization."

On this rare Egrem LP,
'Gladys León' sings beautiful lush "filin" boleros with a full orchestra with absolutely "superb" orchestrations.
There is a great interpretation of the Beny Moré classic, "Y Hoy Como Ayer" and several uptempo songs that were popularized by Pacho Alonso.
As the great 'Doris De La Torre' was able to sing in several languages including Russian, French, Italian and even Yidish...
'Gladys León' sings "Boccuccia Di Rosa" here in Italian.

The condition of this vinyl LP was not great, I used 'Goldwave V.5' to remove a lot of the surface sound (pops, clicks etc.).
A great recording, very hard to find.

1. Juegos De Amor

2. Boccuccia Di Rosa

5. El Santo Del Encargado

7. Y Decidete Mi Amor

9. Y Hoy Como Ayer

10. Si Tu Me Quieres Como Yo

11. Cemento Ladrillo Y Arena

12. Solamente Un Adios

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