Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video: Cuba - + MP3's: Manley "Piri" López Herrera de "Los Chinitos de la Corea"

'Manley "Piri" López Herrera'

This post has five videos featuring "Piri" playing quinto en rumba.
I like his "rhythmic sensibility" which gives him his own unique "style" of playing quinto.
Also refreshing is that he plays "nobody else's style" but his own.
He plays quinto in the first four videos, in the fifth video he plays Caja (tumbador) then gets up to let another drummer play, then returns to play quinto.
The first three videos, he plays with his Father who is sitting next to him.
'Juan De Dios' sings in several of them.

For more in depth information about 'Manley "Piri" López Herrera' and "Los Chinitos", you can view 'Patrice Banchereau's' excellent web page/s here.
And also here at the apozo82.blogspot: "Música Viva!"

Aditionally, I converted the sound from each video into MP3's, you can download all five in one file. ((here))

1. Piri and his Father
("less is more")

2. Piri y su Padre
Canta: 'Juan De Dios'

3. Piri y su Padre
Canta: 'Juan De Dios'

4. Piri en casa
Canta: 'Juan De Dios'

5. Piri caja y quinto
(no, dis 'aint no Namm convention video)


Bongos not bombs said...

Have you seen this video of Piri
"practicing" quinto with one hand and playing clave on the other?

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Yes, I have about a year ago.