Friday, December 11, 2009

José Rosario Chávez a.k.a. "Manteca"

José Rosario Chávez
Photo: 1953-'56
Timbalito player for Sonora Matancera

José Rosario Chávez
Photo: 1949-'50

Sonora Matancera en vivo with
"Manteca" taking a killing timbalito solo.
Canta: Celio Gonzales


angelusmemmv said...

My thoughts and consideration, I need to make a clarification regarding this recording entitulada "Estamos Chao" and recorded in 1959 by Celio and Sonora. Since 1957 who runs the timpani is Simon Esquijarrosa "Minino" to 1961 and who is on the first photo and running the peal of drums in the recording published. Manteca out in the second photo that belongs to 1950. And was in the group from 1932-1956 date of his death.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Thank you for you for your contribution of interesting and important information re: José Rosario Chávez a.ka. 'Manteca' and Simon Esquijarrosa a.k.a. 'Minino'.

From my information and investigation/s, 'Manteca' replaced Manuel Sánchez a.k.a. 'Jimagua'.
'Manteca' continued to record "en vivo"/live recordings in 1957 for Radio Centro/CMQ.

The version of "Estamos Chao" (in the above sound file en vivo) was never released on any CD or LP/LD that I know of.