Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Orlando "Mazacote" López & su Orquesta - "En El Hotel Airport Park"

"15th Aniversario De Mazacote & Su Orq. En El Hotel Airport Park"
Orlando "Mazacote" López & su Orquesta
Vinyl LP

Orlando "Mazacote" López was born in La Habana, Cuba in 1939.
He left Cuba in 1964 for Florida, then migrated to Los Ángeles, California.

"15th Aniversario De Mazacote & Su Orq. En El Hotel Airport Park"
with legendary 'Rolando "Rolito" Soto' on bongoes, "Rolito" takes solos on two songs.
("Rolito" can be heard on Conjunto Rumbavana's 1960 LP:
"A Gozar! La Zandunga")

Rolando "Rolito" Soto
in Cuba before he came the U.S.

Rolando "Rolito" Soto

6. "Rumba pa los rumberos"
Rolando "Rolito" Soto: bongo solo

10. "Suena tu bongó"
Rolando "Rolito" Soto: bongo solo

The now defunct "Airport Park Hotel" in Inglewood, California had quite a "reputation" back in its day, these were three reviews of the hotel I found on the internet:
(Sounds like a great place for a gig!!)

1- "Worst hotel I ever went to"
By Racquel T.
"Where to start... gang bangers, rats, roaches, fights, illegal selling of drugs.. not a family place, not a place to go to period."

By Anonymous
"Dirty, bad neighborhood, gang bangers fighting outside the "hotel". Bad experience overall. Very concerned for our safety...left after two hours and went back to the airport. Definitely a cockroach motel and then some."

By jackson01
"This hotel is where they move all the child molesters of society in the Inglewood district. Please do not stay at that hotel."

"Mazacote" 1980's

"Mazacote" 1970's

In this short video, Orlando "Mazacote" López
is probably 72 years old:

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