Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pedro Depestre & 'Orq. Tipica Juventud' de Santiago, Cuba

"Mi Orquesta Sigue Igual" 
Vinyl LP/LD

5. Mi Orquesta Sigue Igual

"Lo Mismo Bailo un Son" 
(live en vivo)

1. Lola y Su Compay
Pedro Depestre; violin solo

"Presencia Cubana"
Vinyl LP/LD

7. Loco Me Llaman

"Se Va Pegando" 
Vinyl LP/LD

4. Tres Lindas Cubanas En Descarga
Pedro Depestre; violin solo

5. Popurrit De Exitos No.1 
Pedro Depestre'; violin solo

6. Que No Me Compliquen El Son

Four LP's by the late master Violinist Pedro Celestino Depestre.

Another great band that was from Santiago De Cuba, with a sound unique to that part of the island.
Pedro Celestino Depestre started playing violin at the age of five. As a 13 year old violin prodigy he joined Orq. Aragón in 1959 in order to replace his predecessor (his father) Filiberto Depestre. He formed his 'Orq. Tipica Juventud' in 1972.

The LP "Lo Mismo Bailo Un Son" is LIVE (en vivo) and is a killer with some amazing bass playing. The LP "Presencia Cubana" is a studio recording, also a killer.
Both done between '72 & '74.
Swinging "Onda Nueva" 1970's style Charanga.
His last CD "*Son Charangas y Pasiones" came out in 1999 and really showed his violin virtuosity... and his composing and arranging skills.

Pedro Depestre collapsed an died onstage after taking a solo at a concert in Basel, Switzerland in 2001.
He was 55 years old.

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Roberto Garcia "Musicuba" said...

En algunos de esos LP de la Orquesta Tipica Juventud de Pedro Depreste cantaba Ibrahin Delas?