Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Video-N.Y.C. Armando Sanchez y Son de la Loma 1986

Armando Sanchez y Son de la Loma

The late 'Armando Sanchez': tumbadora. (Falleció)
The late 'Leo Fleming': bass. (Falleció)
The late 'Juan Irene Peréz': tres. (Falleció)
The late 'Israel Berrios': guitar: (Falleció)
The late 'Miguel Quintana' and the late 'Rudy Calzado': vocals. (Falleció)
"Campeon", and 'José M."Chichi" Trápaga': trumpets.
René Lopéz Jr. : bongoes. (My homeboy)


pepper67 said...

Miguel Quintana is one of my favorite vocalists, love the raspiness in is vocals.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Yes, me too, I agree!
He was a great vocalists with a unique voice and a very personable Man!