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Mario Bauzá Orq. "Pachangas" 1961 & "La Botanica" 1976

"Pachangas.. Arthur Murray's Music For Dancing"
RCA Victor LP - 1961
(Mario Bauzá & band )

Two LP's by Mario Bauzá, one is a record that was produced for the dance "impresario/teacher" Arthur Murray titled "Pachangas.. Arthur Murray's Music For Dancing", which was released on the RCA Victor label in 1961. It was intended for students learning to dance the "Pachanga".
Mario Bauzá band leader, arrangements by Cuban pianist René "El Látigo" Hernández who played for José Fajardo's band in Cuba before arriving in N.Y.C. in 1961. José "Chombo" Silva plays violin and takes several great solo's. The flautist is most likely the late Mauricio Smith, or Mario Rivera who was also a great flute player.
Graciela sings with her brother Frank Grillo (
'Machito") in the coro.
Mario Bauzá plays trumpet, sax and clarinet

All 12 songs are "swinging" Pachanga's, many were big hits in Cuba for 'José Fajardo', 'Orq. Aragon' and Eduardo Davidson who wrote "La Pachanga" & "Pancho Calma".
Unfortunately they do not give any credits to the musicians on the recording... and several of the song titles are incorrect.
A record that is now obscure.

1. "El Güiro De Macorina"
Comp: Johnny Pacheco & Louie Ramirez
Violin solo: Jose "Chombo" Silva

2. "Pancho calma"

Eduardo Davidson

3. "The Wild Pachanga"

4. "Lullaby Of Broadway"
Violin solo: Jose "Chombo" Silva

10. "Ahora Me Toca A Mí' (Ahora Bailo Yo)

11. "It's Only A Paper Moon"

12. "Pa'ya Pa'Ca"

Mario Bauzá 15 years old in 1926, with
La Orquesta Danzonera of maestro Armando Romeu Marrero.

"Graciela y Mario - La Botanica"

1976 on Lamp Records
"Graciela y Mario - La Botanica".
With two songs that come from Pacho Alonso's repetoire: "No Me Critiques" (on this LP they "changed" the name to "Tu No Sabes De Amor") and "Divertido Simalé" composed by Pacho Alonso. (on this LP they "changed" the name to "Simalé")
This LP is out of print, but can still be found on the internet selling for about $40.00 and a bootleg CD can also be found... with one song missing.

2. "No Me Critiques" (Tu No Sabes De Amor)

8. "Divertido Simalé" (Simalé)

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Eddie Arkadian said...

This is a killer record. "Ahora Mismo" is stunning. I can't get over it.